Silicon Microstructures 5420C-030-A-H-T 板载压力传感器

  • 型号5420C-030-A-H-T
  • 产品分类板载压力传感器
  • 品牌Silicon Microstructures
  • 制造商Silicon Microstructures


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5420C-030-A-H-T 板载压力传感器描述

  • Silicon Microstructures SM5420 Low Cost SO-8 Packaged Pressure Sensors utilize SMI’s SM5108 micromachined, piezoresistive pressure sensing chip that has been optimized to provide extremely high accuracy for a package of this size. This accuracy is achieved through careful resistor placement and mechanical configuration along with advanced MEMS processing. The SM5420 is designed for high volume, cost sensitive applications, such as consumer tire pressure gauges or automotive tire pressure monitoring. The SM5420 is available as an absolute pressure sensor in full-scale ranges of 15, 30, 60, and 100PSI. The SM5420 series is designed to be surface-mounted on ceramic or PC board substrates by high-volume OEM manufacturers.

5420C-030-A-H-T 板载压力传感器技术参数

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接口类型 I2C
说明 板载压力传感器 UnComp 30PSI Absolute
寿命周期 NRND: 不建议用于新设计。
最大工作温度 + 125 C
最小工作温度 - 40 C
封装 / 箱体 SO-8
封装 Reel
系列 SM5420C
商标 Silicon Microstructures, Inc.
工作电源电流 1 mA
工作电源电压 5 VDC
工厂包装数量 2000
电源电压-最大 10 V
电源电压-最小 0 V
子类别 Sensors
产品类型 Pressure Sensors
工作压力 30 PSI
压力类型 Absolute

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