Siemens Process Instrumentation 西门子 Milltronics WD600 称重模块

  • 产品型号Milltronics WD600
  • 产品类别称重模块
  • 品       牌Siemens Process Instrumentation 西门子
  • 制造商 / 服务商 Siemens Process Instrumentation 西门子

Milltronics WD600 称重模块特性

  • Simple installation
  • Long weigh span for more retention time on load cells

Milltronics WD600 称重模块描述

  • "Description","Milltronics WD600 is a light-to medium-duty slider bed belt scale used for process and load-out control in manufacturing, including the food, chemical and tobacco industries.","WD600 works with an existing flat belt conveyor and the selected Siemens integrator. As material is moving along the conveyor belt and travels over the belt scale, it exerts a force proportional to the material load through the suspended weighbridge to the load cells.","WD600 reacts only to the vertical component of the applied force. The resulting movement in each load cell is sensed by its strain gauges. When the strain gauges are excited by voltage from the electronic integrator, they produce an electrical signal proportional to weight, which is then applied to the integrator.","The vertical movement of the load cells is limited by the positive overload stop incorporated into the design of the load cell mount.","Detail","Benefits"

Milltronics WD600 称重模块技术参数

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特 性
秤量 13.23 to 66.15 lbs (6 to 30 kg)
连 接 & 显 示
接口 Other Interface
称重模块类型 Compression
应用 Conveyors / In-motion Weighing
产品类别 Weigh Modules


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