L.J. Star Incorporated Metaglas® 观察窗

  • 产品型号Metaglas®
  • 产品类别观察窗
  • 品       牌L.J. Star Incorporated
  • 制造商 L.J. Star Incorporated

Metaglas® 观察窗描述

  • This sight glass features a flat face ANSI mating flange. It’s special design offers reliability against rupture, a long working life, and a smooth, easy to clean surface.","It meets a number of industry standards including the directive for pressure equipment 97\/23\/EG 02\/98, Module H (DIN\/EN\/ISO 9001), AD2000 Standards W0\/TRD 100, DIN 7079, DIN 7080, TÜV specifications for materials, and a Certificate of Conformity to EN 10204-3.1B.","Requires parallel flat face mounting flange and full gasket.

Metaglas® 观察窗特性

  • 安装:ansi或din法兰
  • 玻璃:硼硅酸盐
  • 金属:碳素、不锈钢或哈氏合金
  • Up to 572° F
  • 每法兰级压力
  • Ratings and approvals: PED, DIN7079, TÜV
  • 尺寸:1-1/2至8英寸
  • 玻璃:硼硅
  • 金属:碳钢、不锈钢或哈氏合金
  • 尺寸:1-1/2到8英寸

Metaglas® 观察窗技术参数

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特 性
压力额定值 150 to 300 psi (106 to 211 m H2O)
温度额定值 14 to 572 F (-10 to 300 C)
连 接 & 显 示
连接类型 Bolt On
物 理
主体 / 外壳材料 Steel - Carbon; Stainless; Hastelloy
视窗形状 Circular
窗口材质 Glass
窗口直径、长度 1.57 to 6.3 inch (40 to 160 mm)
产品类别 Sight Windows


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