Cole-Parmer GO-39754-90 红外线视窗

  • 产品型号GO-39754-90
  • 产品类别红外线视窗
  • 品       牌Cole-Parmer
  • 分销商 Cole-Parmer

GO-39754-90 红外线视窗描述

  • • Helps reduce the vast majority of dangerous arc flash occurrences • Rugged frame handles both outdoor and indoor use• Easy Installation• Inside label for permanent identification• Easy flip-open hatch for faster inspections• Simple thumb screw releases the permanently hinged cove Opening electrical cabinets to perform thermal and visual inspections of live components is dangerous work, exposing you to the risk of a hazardous arc flash incident. FLIR''s IRW series of thermal inspection windows help eliminate that danger. The broadband crystal window allows all brands of thermal imagers to capture both visible light and thermal images along with allowing LED and laser illumination to pass through the glass. A secure, permanently hinged cover opens easily with one hand, which means there’s nothing to remove, drop, or lose. The IRW-Series windows are comprehensively tested for safety and have a limited lifetime warranty.

GO-39754-90 红外线视窗技术参数

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物 理
视窗形状 Circular
视窗宽度 2.87 inch (72.9 mm)
产品类别 Infrared Windows


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