IRISS, Inc. CAP-ENV 红外线视窗

  • 产品型号 CAP-ENV
  • 产品类别红外线视窗
  • 品       牌IRISS, Inc.
  • 制造商 IRISS, Inc.

CAP-ENV 红外线视窗描述

  • The CAP-ENV features a reinforced environmentally sealed door design while also providing the largest visually clear infrared *(IR) transmissive viewing area available on the market today. The exclusive pharmaceutical-grade reinforced Poly-View-System polymer allows any thermography camera to monitor completely undisturbed assets inside energized electrical equipment in the visual, UV and shortwave, midwave and longwave IR spectrums.","The CAP-ENV is sized at 4, 6, 12 or 24 is the strongest and largest standard infrared (IR) window on the market. It is currently the only IR window that has passed the IEC 62271-200 arc flash test that subjected it to a blast with a duration twice as long as the certification required.","The CAP-ENV infrared (IR) window will maintain a fixed and stable IR transmission throughout its lifetime, withstanding water, ultrasonic frequencies, and will not degrade over time.","The exclusive industrial-grade, reinforced Poly-View System™ polymer allows any theromographic camera to monitor completely undisturbed assets inside electrical equipment. Our patented polymer allows multi-band IR along with ultraviolet (UV) and visual inspections.","The larger rectangular viewing area of the CAP-ENV infrared (IR) window provides an unparalleled field of view (FOV) when compared to traditional round IR windows.","Unconditional lifetime warranty applies not only to the workmanship of the window housing but also applies to the durability and stability of the optic in the proposed environment.","IRISS manufactures and assembles all products at our global headquarters located in Bradenton, FL.

CAP-ENV 红外线视窗技术参数

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特 性
温度额定值 -40 to 617 F (-40 to 325 C)
物 理
主体 / 外壳材料 Aluminum
视窗形状 Rectangular
视窗材料 Plastic
产品类别 Infrared Windows