OMRON Automation and Safety 欧姆龙 E5AN-HTAA2HBM-500 AC100-240 温度控制器

  • 型号E5AN-HTAA2HBM-500 AC100-240
  • 产品分类温度控制器
  • 品牌OMRON Automation and Safety 欧姆龙
  • 服务商OMRON Automation and Safety 欧姆龙


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E5AN-HTAA2HBM-500 AC100-240 温度控制器描述

  • Set up to 8 programmed patterns with up to 32 segments (steps) each. High-resolution display with 5 digits\/0.01°C display. High-speed sampling cycle of 60 ms. Thermocouple\/Pt input: ±0.1% of PV. Analogue input: ±0.1% FS. Universal inputs on all models (thermocouple, PT, or analog input) to handle various sensors with one controller. PV\/SV-status display function can be set to automatically alternate between displaying the status of the temperature controller (auto\/manual RUN\/RESET, and alarms) and the PV or SV. Flexible contact outputs with logic operations (AND, OR, and delays) set from the Support Software (CX-Thermo version 4.3). An infrared ports enables communications from the front panel. Preventive maintenance for relays in the temperature controller using a Control Output ON\/OFF counterOutput Type = RelaySupply Voltage = 100 - 240 V acSize = 96 x 96mmNumber of Outputs = 1Minimum Operating Temperature = -10°CMaximum Operating Temperature = +55°CRange = 0 - 10 V, 0 - 20 mA, -200 - +2300 (Thermocouple) °C, -200 - +850 (Platinum Resistance Thermometer) °CSeries = E5ANInput Type = Current, Platinum Resistance Thermometer, Thermocouple, VoltageCAD Drawing = 3D CAD Model

E5AN-HTAA2HBM-500 AC100-240 温度控制器技术参数

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特 性
控制信号输出 Switched Output; Other; Relay
控制信号输出数量 1 outputs
环 境
温度控制器类型 Thermocouple Controller
制造商 OMRON Automation and Safety
产品型号 E5AN-HTAA2HBM-500 AC100-240
产品类别 Temperature Controllers
样式 DC Voltage Inputs; Current Loop (Transmitter) Excitation; Resistive/ Potentiometer Inputs; Current, Platinum Resistance Thermometer, Thermocouple, Voltage