JUMO 久茂自动化 703043/181-000-23/000 温度控制器

  • 型号703043/181-000-23/000
  • 产品分类温度控制器
  • 品牌JUMO 久茂自动化
  • 制造商JUMO 久茂自动化


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703043/181-000-23/000 温度控制器描述

  • Freely programmable process controller in four formats. Tried-and-tested, clearly laid-out operating and configuration diagram. Bright LCD display for viewing different process parameters. Max. two freely programmable analogue inputs. Up to 8 binary outputs . Four limit comparators. Freely programmable controller structures (two-point and three-point step controllers and continuous-action controller) . Programmable as a differential, humidity or ratio controller. Four programmable setpoints, two parameter sets. Program function with 8 sections or ramp function. Two timer functions. Two self-optimisation processes. Quick and user-friendly configuration via set-up program . Min. sampling time 50 ms. RS422 \/ 485 interface. Profibus DP interface. Accessories (option cards and software) availableOutput Type = 2 Logic, 2 RelaySupply Voltage = 110 - 240 V acSize = 96 x 48 (1\/8 DIN)mmNumber of Outputs = 4Minimum Operating Temperature = 0°CMaximum Operating Temperature = +55°CConfigurable Outputs = 2 Logic, 2 RelayDisplay Type = LCD, Multi LineIP Rating = IP20, IP65Range = dTRON 308Q

703043/181-000-23/000 温度控制器技术参数

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特 性
控制信号输出 Switched Output; Other; 2 Logic, 2 Relay
控制信号输出数量 4 outputs
连 接 & 显 示
接口 Digital Front Panel
制造商 JUMO Process Control, Inc.
产品型号 703043/181-000-23/000
产品类别 Temperature Controllers