CHINO Works America Inc. DB510-000 温度控制器

  • 型号DB510-000
  • 产品分类温度控制器
  • 品牌CHINO Works America Inc.
  • 制造商CHINO Works America Inc.


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DB510-000 温度控制器描述

  • The DB500 series is high-accuracy, high-speed compact controllers with digital displays and an indicating accuracy of ± 0.2% and sampling frequency of about 0.2 second, incorporating high-performance microprocessors with a front panel 48 mm width and 96 mm height. They have excellent functions including an auto-tuning PID function and overshoot suppression function using fuzzy logic. A communications interface is available.

DB510-000 温度控制器技术参数

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性 能
精度 0.2 ±% FS
特 性
控制信号输出 Switched Output
控制信号输出数量 1 outputs
控制技术 Limit; PID; Fuzzy Logic
输入数量 1 inputs
连 接 & 显 示
接口 Digital Front Panel
环 境
温度控制器类型 Thermocouple Controller
产品类别 Temperature Controllers
样式 DC Voltage Inputs; Current Loop (Transmitter) Excitation

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