Chromalox 4082 温度控制器

  • 型号4082
  • 产品分类温度控制器
  • 品牌Chromalox
  • 制造商Chromalox


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4082 温度控制器特性

  • 1/4 din格式
  • 2个控制回路
  • 大型图形/文本lcd显示屏
  • 输入- 2模拟,9数字,远程设定值
  • 9个输出-继电器,ssr驱动器,triac,模拟(线性)
  • 最多7个可编程事件输出
  • 简化编程向导
  • 串级调速
  • 阀电机驱动控制
  • 分析选项-使用255个段的64个程序
  • 数据记录选项-数据、警报、事件
  • 实时时钟
  • usb端口访问文件
  • modbus rtu/rs485和modbus tcp/ip以太网
  • 加强与输出和输入的安全隔离
  • ChromaloxPro™ Configuration Software
  • 多语言选项
  • 标准:ul、cul和ce
  • 加强对输出和输入的安全隔离
  • 标准:UL、cUL和CE

4082 温度控制器描述

  • Advanced dual channel temperature and process control, extensive profiling capability, high visibility alarms and data-logging functions are all packaged within a single 1\/4 DIN product. The integrated control and monitoring functions of the 4082 translates into fewer system control components. This reduces wiring, shrinks the panel footprint and compresses installation time, resulting in a lower system cost.","Minimize Setup Time","Time is money. Constantly referring to instruction manuals increases startup time and can lead to confusion. To simplify the configuration process of the 4082, use the easy setup wizard or the ChromaloxPro™ software. Multiple unit programming is efficiently accomplished via the optional front access USB port and memory stick.

4082 温度控制器技术参数

规格项 参数值 勾选搜索替代
特 性
控制信号输出 Analog Voltage Output; Current Loop Output; Switched Output; Serial / Digital; Network / Fieldbus Output; RS232, RS485, Modbus RTU Master or Slave, Ethernet - Modbus TCP Slave
控制信号输出数量 9 outputs
控制技术 Limit; Linear
输入数量 11 inputs
特征 Datalogger (optional feature)
连 接 & 显 示
接口 Digital Front Panel
环 境
温度控制器类型 Thermocouple Controller; RTD / Thermistor
物 理
外观形式 DIN
产品类别 Temperature Controllers
样式 DC Voltage Inputs; Current Loop (Transmitter) Excitation; Thermocouple, RTD

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