KOBOLD Instruments, Inc. TSK - Flap Type Variable Area Flowmeter 速度流量开关

  • 产品型号TSK - Flap Type Variable Area Flowmeter
  • 产品类别速度流量开关
  • 品       牌KOBOLD Instruments, Inc.
  • 制造商 KOBOLD Instruments, Inc.

TSK - Flap Type Variable Area Flowmeter 速度流量开关描述

  • Product Features","The TSK series flowmeter employs a hinged flap (vane) in the flow stream. As the flow rate changes the flap rotates in its fitting. The flap is attached to a mechanical measuring indicator via a dampening mechanism and a process sealing system. The indicator provides visual measurement of system flow. The indicating mechanism can be fitted with optional adjustable setpoint switches, a 4-20 mA transmitter with HART® protocol or Profibus-PA. A wide variety of wetted materials are available including 316L stainless steel, Hastelloy C22, Polypropylene and PTFE making the TSK suitable for a variety of applications measuring aggressive liquids. The flap design leaves very little flow restriction therefore very little pressure drop exists across the flowmeter. The flap design is also very tolerant of dirty liquids and liquids that contain large solids.

TSK - Flap Type Variable Area Flowmeter 速度流量开关特性

  • 可用的建筑材料包括不锈钢、哈氏合金c22、聚丙烯和聚四氟乙烯
  • 管线尺寸从2英寸到24英寸
  • 可用于水平或垂直管道
  • 可变襟翼测量技术产生非常低的水头损失
  • 对脏液体和悬浮固体有极好的耐受性
  • Optional Setpoint Switches, 4-20 mA with HART® or Profibus-PA
  • 优越的阻尼系统,流量读数非常稳定
  • 粘度和密度校准可用
  • 卓越的阻尼系统,流量读数非常稳定

TSK - Flap Type Variable Area Flowmeter 速度流量开关技术参数

规格项 参数值 勾选搜索类似
特 性
工作压力 150 to 300 psi (106 to 211 m H2O)
测量技术 Variable Area
介质温度 -40 to 572 F (-40 to 300 C)
测量介质 Liquid
电 气
电气输出 Analog Current
连 接 & 显 示
接口选项 Network / Fieldbus
环 境
工作温度 -40 to 158 F (-40 to 70 C)
物 理
终端配件 Flanged
安装 In-line
产品类别 Velocity Flow Switches
精度 2 ±%