Fluid Components Intl. (FCI) FlexSwitch® FLT93B-B*00 速度流量开关

  • 产品型号 FlexSwitch® FLT93B-B*00
  • 产品类别速度流量开关
  • 品       牌Fluid Components Intl. (FCI)
  • 制造商 Fluid Components Intl. (FCI)

FlexSwitch® FLT93B-B*00 速度流量开关描述

  • The FLT93B BASIC insertion type FlexSwitch for flow and temperature monitoring represents the first true technological breakthrough in thermal technology in over a decade. FCI is the only thermal manufacturer providing temperature compensation to ensure set point accuracy for process temperatures that vary up to ± 100° F. The FLT93B is easily field-configured, providing unparalleled flexibility, accuracy and stability for all multiple process sensing and switching requirements.","*FLT93 Switch Supports NFPA Code 30 Compliance for Storage and Use of Combustible Liquids. This code includes SIL 2 Rating for Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS).

FlexSwitch® FLT93B-B*00 速度流量开关技术参数

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特 性
开关类型 Electro-Mechanical Switch
掷数 Double Throw
极数 Single Pole ; Double Pole
工作压力 0.0 to 3500 psi (0.0 to 2463 m H2O)
流速范围 0.3000 to 120 ft/sec (0.0914 to 36.58 m/sec)
测量技术 Thermal
介质温度 -40 to 350 F (-40 to 177 C)
测量介质 Liquid; Gas
电 气
电气输出 Analog Voltage
环 境
工作温度 -40 to 140 F (-40 to 60 C)
物 理
终端配件 Threaded
管道直径 0.75 inch (19.05 mm)
安装 Insertion
直流电压 24 volts
交流电压 240 volts
测量的附加变量 Temperature; Level
审核认证 ATEX; IEC, IECEx, NFPA Code 30 Compliance
精度 0.5000 ±%
产品类别 Velocity Flow Switches
电流 6 amps