Gefran 杰夫伦 W0 压力控制器

  • 产品型号W0
  • 产品类别压力控制器
  • 品       牌Gefran 杰夫伦
  • 制造商 Gefran 杰夫伦

W0 压力控制器描述

  • Economically priced Displays pressure in a 5-digit LED display Auto zero Auto span Auto calibration 4 alarms with adjustable setpoint Touch-type keypad Built-in strain gage bridge excitation Filter for digit stabilization Coded access for user lockout Transducer Better than ±0.50% accuracy Fluid-filled system for temperature stability 80% output signal for easy calibration 17-7 PH stainless steel corrugated diaphragm with GTP coating Oil-fill is FDA approved - meets requirements CFR172.3620 and CFR172.878

W0 压力控制器技术参数

规格项 参数值 勾选搜索替代
特 性
控制输出信号 Limit
连 接 & 显 示
用户接口 Digital Front Panel
物 理
外观形式 DIN Rail
产品类别 Pressure Controllers
标准和合规性 RoHS


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