HORIBA Instruments, Inc. EC-5000 Series 压力控制器

  • 产品型号EC-5000 Series
  • 产品类别压力控制器
  • 品       牌HORIBA Instruments, Inc.
  • 制造商 HORIBA Instruments, Inc.

EC-5000 Series 压力控制器特性

  • 适用于高真空:不锈钢阀体
  • 耐腐蚀:也可配置聚四氟乙烯阀体的型号
  • 符合RoHS。
  • 抗蚀剂分布均匀
  • 防止雾气的二次沉积
  • 防止危险蒸汽扩散。
  • 通过无铅认证。

EC-5000 Series 压力控制器描述

  • The EC-5000 series exhaust pressure controller can maintain a consistent pressure, of the user’s choice, within the chamber. The high-resolution stepper motor and unique butterfly valve ensure a fast, sensitive response to any pressure changes.","Benefits:","When the exhaust flow rate is adjusted to optimal levels:","There is less change in sensitivity caused by the accumulation of resist and other contamination compared with flow rate sensor control and the influence of turbulence and other noise is eliminated which enables superior, stable, responsive control.

EC-5000 Series 压力控制器技术参数

规格项 参数值 勾选搜索替代
特 性
测量介质 Other; Exhaust
产品类别 Pressure Controllers
标准和合规性 RoHS


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