Bronkhorst USA P-802CV 压力控制器

  • 产品型号P-802CV
  • 产品类别压力控制器
  • 品       牌Bronkhorst USA
  • 制造商 / 服务商 Bronkhorst USA

P-802CV 压力控制器特性

  • 双阀压力控制(进/泄)
  • 绝对压力或表压
  • 高精度、重复性好
  • 用于压力控制的机载pid控制器
  • 模拟、rs232和现场总线通信
  • 双阀压力控制(进口/安全)

P-802CV 压力控制器描述

  • Bronkhorst® model P-802CV Process Pressure Controllers (PPCs) are suited for precise pressure control with closed volumes, i.e. with one fluid connection. This PPC model is suited for pressure ranges between 17,5…350 mbar and 3,2…64 bar absolute or gauge. The instrument comprises a diaphragm type piezo-resistive pressure sensor, a microprocessor based pc-board with signal and fieldbus conversion and a PID controller for pressure control by means of two integrated control valves. This dual valve construction is a compact, economical alternative to configurations where forward pressure controllers are combined with separate bleed ports and relief valves. It is considered as a great advantage that the relief valve does not vent to the atmosphere. Furthermore the system can be set for either fast or smooth controlled (de)pressurization.","EL-PRESS series are equipped with a digital pc-board, offering high accuracy, excellent temperature stability and fast response. The main digital pc-board contains all of the general functions needed for measurement and control. In addition to the standard RS232 output the instruments also offer analog I\/O. As an option, an on-board interface can be mounted to provide DeviceNet™, PROFIBUS DP, Modbus, EtherCAT®, PROFINET or FLOW-BUS protocols.","Process Pressure Controller

P-802CV 压力控制器技术参数

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特 性
测量介质 Gas / Air
控制输入信号 Analog Voltage; Serial / Digital; Network / Fieldbus Output
控制输出数量 1 outputs
控制输出信号 PID Control
输入数量 1 inputs
特征 PC-Based
连 接 & 显 示
用户接口 Computer Programmable
产品类别 Pressure Controllers


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