RS Components 欧时 2495983 压敏安全边缘和安全缓冲器

  • 产品型号2495983
  • 产品类别压敏安全边缘和安全缓冲器
  • 品       牌RS Components 欧时
  • 分销商 RS Components 欧时

2495983 压敏安全边缘和安全缓冲器描述

  • The Safedge pressure sensitive system is supplied in two popular profiles, with cushion factor over travel distances of 5mm and 19mm. The cushion factor is the distance the profile can be depressed after a signal has been generated. It is mounted on an aluminium C rail (included) and is supplied in 1, 1.5 and 2m lengths that may be cut and joined in series or parallel to support a wide range of industrial applications such as power operated doors, guided vehicles and moving machinery beds. The Safedge profile uses a combination of non-conductive rubber and flexible wire cored conductive rubber bonded together enabling it to return to its original shape even after repeated compressions. It has no rigid internal parts to damage the rubber profile or cause fatigue failures after prolonged use. The multi-stranded copper wire core throughout the length of the strip also insures that there are no problems of resistance build up on long lengths. A range of accessories for end termination and 90° active corner joints are also available.2 different profile designs. Conductive rubber technology. Available in 1m, 1.5m or 2m lengths. Aluminium mounting rail. The system has a bend radius of 200mm. Rubber boot optional. Active corners. IP65 protectionRange = SafedgeProtected Area = 1mSeries = 440-FLength = 24.5mmWidth = 28.5mmProfile = 0110NTerminal Type = RHT Wire LeadMaterial = EPDM, NBR\/CR

2495983 压敏安全边缘和安全缓冲器技术参数

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连 接 & 显 示
终端类型 Wire Lead
物 理
长度 0.08 ft (0.0245 m)
宽度 1.12 inch (28 mm)
产品类别 Pressure Sensitive Safety Edges and Safety Bumpers


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