Monarch Instrument Track-It™ Pressure&Temp, Vacuum&Temp Data Logger 压力仪表

  • 产品型号Track-It™ Pressure&Temp, Vacuum&Temp Data Logger
  • 产品类别压力仪表
  • 品       牌Monarch Instrument
  • 制造商 Monarch Instrument

Track-It™ Pressure&Temp, Vacuum&Temp Data Logger 压力仪表特性

  • 工业过程
  • 食品加工
  • 供水管线
  • 消火栓水压
  • 家庭用水压力
  • 建筑供应压力
  • 市政当局
  • 石油和天然气
  • 石油化工
  • 压缩机
  • 水和废水
  • 真空炉
  • 可编程启动/停止时间和采样率
  • 每个记录会话多达64,000个数据样本
  • 多个警报设定点
  • 紧凑型尺寸
  • USB接口(包括电缆)
  • 包括功能强大的交互式跟踪it软件包
  • 坚固的ip67 316l不锈钢封装
  • 5年电池使用寿命(含电池)
  • 宽温度范围0-185f(-20-85c)
  • 提供0-35、0-150、0-350、0-550、0-2000或0-5800 psi范围
  • 提供0至-380和0至-760托
  • 150%超量程的保护
  • 1/4NPT阳螺纹接头
  • 高精度和重复性
  • 精密内部时钟(1分钟/年)
  • n.i.s.t.校准可用
  • 家庭水压
  • 废水和废水
  • usb接口(含线缆)
  • 坚固的IP67 316L不锈钢包装
  • 1/4npt阳螺纹接头

Track-It™ Pressure&Temp, Vacuum&Temp Data Logger 压力仪表描述

  • The Track-It™ Pressure\/Temp and Vacuum\/Temp Data Loggers are battery powered stand alone water tight compact data loggers that record up to 64,000 samples. They can be configured to record both Pressure and Temperature or Vacuum and Temperature or either parameter alone to maximize data storage space. The unit is easily configured using the included Track-It™ Software. Simply connect the included USB cable to the logger and an open USB port on your PC and the Track-It™ Software automatically identifies the logger. Configure the unit to start or stop recording immediately, at a predetermined time and date, or only when an alarm condition is sensed. The sample storage rate can be set from 1 sample every 2 seconds up to 1 sample every 24 hours. The on board data storage is non-volatile so data will not be lost in the event of a depleted battery.","The Track-It™ Pressure\/Temperature Data Logger can be ordered in several pressure or vacuum ranges: 0-35, 0-150, 0-350, 0-550, 0-2000 and 0-5800 PSI or 0 to -380 and 0 to -760 Torr. The logger is packaged in a rugged submersible 316L stainless steel housing and has a standard 1\/4 NPT fitting. The replaceable internal lithium battery has up to a 5 year life.","Typical Uses

Track-It™ Pressure&Temp, Vacuum&Temp Data Logger 压力仪表技术参数

规格项 参数值 勾选搜索替代
性 能
精度 0.2500 ±% FS
工作压力范围 5800 psi (4082 m H2O)
特 性
真空度范围 760 to 0.0 torr (0.0 to 29.92 in Hg vac)
输出信号 Switch / Alarm
特征 Temperature Output
环 境
工作温度 -4 to 185 F (-20 to 85 C)
产品类型 Recorder
压力类型 Absolute; Gauge; Vacuum
产品类别 Pressure Instruments


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