Bronkhorst USA IQP Series 压力仪表

  • 产品型号IQP Series
  • 产品类别压力仪表
  • 品       牌Bronkhorst USA
  • 制造商 / 服务商 Bronkhorst USA

IQP Series 压力仪表特性

IQP Series 压力仪表描述

  • Equipment manufacturers are looking for compact solutions to monitor or control the gas flow or pressure in their system. Previously, conventional Mass Flow and Pressure Meters and Controllers have needed a footprint of 1.5\", as for instance specified in the NeSSITM system. Due to the use of micro solid state technology (MEMS), Bronkhorst has been able to halve the footprint dimension to 0.75\", thereby realizing the ultra compact flow and pressure controllers.","High intrinsic quality, featuring:","Customer specific designs","Based on the micro system technology of IQ+FLOW® series, Bronkhorst High-Tech also offers the possibility to combine functional modules on a compact manifold. See IQ+FLOW manifold solutions","Analytical applications:","Examples of analytical applications based on the ultra compact modules with a footprint of 0.75\" are:

IQP Series 压力仪表技术参数

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性 能
精度 0.5000 ±% FS
工作压力范围 0.3000 to 15 psi (0.2111 to 10.56 m H2O)
特 性
传感技术 Semiconductor Piezoresistive
输出信号 Analog Voltage; Analog Current; RS232/485; Modbus, Flowbus
特征 Alarm Indicator
环 境
工作温度 41 to 122 F (5 to 50 C)
物 理
测量介质 Gas
产品类型 Instrument or Meter; Controller
压力类型 Absolute; Gauge
产品类别 Pressure Instruments


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