Selco Products Company NTC Thermistors 热敏电阻

  • 型号NTC Thermistors
  • 产品分类热敏电阻
  • 品牌Selco Products Company
  • 制造商Selco Products Company


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NTC Thermistors 热敏电阻描述

  • Featuring accuracies ranging from ± 0.1°C to ± 10%. Our CP and CS NTC thermistor series can be customized to meet your exact application requirements for probe housing materials, lead wire gauges, insulation types, and connectors. Selco’s discrete thermistor family includes precision interchangeable, DO-35, thin film, point matched, epoxy coated, and SMT products. Explore our selection of thermistors, NTC thermistors, thermistor probes, and more today.

NTC Thermistors 热敏电阻技术参数

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特 性
电阻 2252 to 1.00E6 ohms
环 境
温度范围 -50 to 250 C (-58 to 482 F)
物 理
引脚形式 Axial; Leadless; Radial
封装 / 电极形式 Bead; Chip/Surface
涂层 Epoxy
产品类型 Thermistors