Honeywell USA 511-49BJ01-102 温度探头

  • 产品型号511-49BJ01-102
  • 产品类别温度探头
  • 品       牌Honeywell USA
  • 制造商 Honeywell USA

511-49BJ01-102 温度探头描述

  • The 500 Series is broad portfolio of air\/gas, liquid and surface temperature probes that use Honeywell's NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistors. Thermistors can be very effective in sensing temperatures of gases, liquids or solids because of their enhanced sensitivity. These small, easy to install probe assemblies support and position the thermistor elements within the media to be monitored as well as protect the thermistors against damage in use or handling. The assemblies also help direct thermal or fluid flow evenly across the thermistors for accurate temperature sensing. The enhanced reliability, precision and stability of the 500 Series products allow the customer greater flexibility in temperature monitoring and control. The wide operating temperature range is -60 °C to 300 °C -76 °F to 572 °F provides application flexibility. The 500 Series is available in a wide variety of housing styles and materials, R-T (Resistance-Temperature) curves, mounting methods, mechanical interface, electrical interface and connector types to meet most applications. In addition to custom configurations, a variety of existing designs is available. Honeywell also offers RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) technology that may be packaged into probe assemblies for similar applications that may require an RTD linear output instead of an NTC thermistor output.

511-49BJ01-102 温度探头技术参数

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所用基础元件 Thermistor
产品类别 Temperature Probes


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