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Cubic Sensor and Instrument Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Cubic") is a publicly listed company in SSE STAR Market (stock code:688665), specializing in smart gas sensors and superior gas analyzers. Set up in 2003, situated at “Optics Valley” of Wuhan, China, Cubic has established gas sensing technology platforms including optical technologies (NDIR, Ultraviolet, Light Scattering, Laser Raman), ultrasonic technology, MEMS metal oxide semiconductor (MOX) technology, electrochemical technology, ceramic thick-film technology based high temperature solid electrolyte technology and so on. At present, Cubic has obtained more than 100 patents home and aboard, with abundant products widely used in various fields of air quality, environmental monitoring, industrial processes, industrial safety monitoring, healthcare, smart metering and so on.

Cubic has a provincial-level enterprise technology center and a gas analysis instrumentation engineering technology research center in Hubei Province of China. At the same time, Cubic energetically participates in the national technological innovation system and has successively obtained many national and provincial projects which support Cubic incessant innovations. Those projects contain the National Major Scientific Instrument and Equipment Development Project, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Internet of Things Development Special Project, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Strong Foundation Engineering Sensor "One-stop" Project, the Ministry of Science and Technology Science and Technology Boost the Economy 2020 Key Special Project, and the Hubei Province Technical Innovation Major Project, etc. Cubic has been regarded as a major gas sensor manufacturer and representative enterprise by industry authorities at home and abroad and won the "Most Influential IoT Sensor Enterprise Award" by the China Internet of Things Industry Alliance.

With decade-long dedications in technical innovations, strict quality control and global business strategies, Cubic, as a leading manufacturer of high-quality gas sensors and sensor solutions, has obtained the recognition of many well-known Fortune 500 companies as well as other domestic and overseas leading companies in different fields. Cubic products have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions, besides, Cubic is moving towards a higher target to be the international brand in the field of gas sensors.